What We Offer

Business Stability

At Connected Consulting we provide peace of mind that your business is in good hands. Our Engineers strive to ensure that our clients are on the most stable platform of the phone system. We do not believe in upgrading to latest version until it is fully vetted and tested. We know that this is not always the case with others in our industry, but it is something that we pride ourselves on that we take time to ensure our clients have Peace of mind. You can count on the perfect cost-effective solution first time. No matter what your needs.

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Meeting and Exceeding Your Needs


Every effort is made by Connected Consulting to establish deadline commitments that are reasonable at the beginning of each project. If a client has urgent needs on a project that restrict the normal time frame for delivering the required services, Connected Consulting is prepared to prioritize the workload and put in the extra time to meet project schedules. Connected Consulting will assign additional experienced personnel to assist in the production of the work if it is necessary to meet the urgent needs of the client. The staff understands that this may also require extra effort beyond the normal forty (40) hour workweek. If accelerated deadlines are requested by the customer, and management at Connected Consulting will determine if the entreaty is achievable. Connected Consulting does not agree to deadlines that are not achievable and will not compromise the Quality Assurance/Quality Control process to meet a deadline that has been compressed.

Best of Breed VOIP

Connected Consulting provides a range of options for the right VOIP phones for any situation.  We can even provide a VoIP cordless phone that has a range of 300,000 acres of farmland or 250,000 sq ft in a warehouse!

Best of Breed Poly Phones

Poly Phones are usually the primary phone option for many clients.  We will almost certainly have the perfect phone for you.

Virtual CIO

Information Technology (IT) can be simple with the right solutions and understanding.  Have one of our consultants work with you to provide valuable insight into your business IT strategies and needs.  Get ahead of the curve with our professionals.

Cloud Options

Connected Consulting and its partners can provide a vast array of Cloud options for clients. Zoom meetings with better headsets.  We can make those meetings more comfortable. 


Network Solutions

If you are looking for better internet, SD-Wan options, MPLS, or more security features.  We have you covered and secure for all your Network needs.



Cameras, Door locks and more

Office Connected Partners can help provide a secure workspace for your employees.  We can help, email us your information and one of the security experts will call you to discuss options for you.


Utility Options

In some areas of the country, we can help you to negotiate your Gas and Electric bills.  Call us to see if you qualify.